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Large Ivory Box Made from Mastodon Ivory

This is a beautiful Ivory and Wood carved Box made from  a large Chunk of Mammoth Tusk made from mastodon Ivory. $500.00

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Carved Greek Urn from Elephant Ivory

This is a beautiful carved Classical Greek style urn carved from Elephant Ivory.



Ivory Hand Wood Stamp Holder

TThis is a very nice wood and Ivory stamp dispenser with an whale and ship scrimshaw on top.




Napkin Rings Carved from Elephant Ivory

This is a beautiful set of six napkin rings set with semi precious stones as eyes carved from Elephant Ivory.


Scrimshawed Bores Tusk

This is a beautiful scrimshawed bores tusk bearing an scene of Lions hunting Cape Buffalo. The tusk stands almost 4 1/2" tall by 8" wide.



Scrimshawed Ivory and Sterling Necklace

This is a truly unique Ivory and Sterling Silver necklace with a scrimshawed Whalers Hunting scene on it. It is marked sterling. Approximately "



Scrimshawed Ivory Whales Tail

This is a very nice carved Ivory Whales Tail scrimshawed with a whale and old sailing ship. It has a hole though the top to be worn around the neck.



14K Gold Ivory Pendant

A beautiful vintage elephant carved in Ivory set in 14k gold.



 Ivory Bead Necklace

A beautiful ivory bead strung necklace.








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